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The Equipment Manager supervises the distribution of equipment to teams, in coordination with each Division Commissioner. Contact the equipment manager at, or talk to your commissioner. Equipment pick up and drop off is typically at Friendship field.

Charitable Contributions

On an annual basis, NWLL donates used equipment to non-profit programs promoting youth baseball in the Washington DC region.

Uniforms are distributed to the players by the coaches of each team at the beginning of the season. Coaches receive the uniforms from the Division Commissioners.

NWLL provides a uniform consisting of jersey, cap, pants, belt and socks in the spring recreation and summer all-star seasons.  In the fall, only new caps and jerseys are distributed. Players own their uniform and must wear their uniform to each scheduled game.

  • All players are encouraged to bring a fielding glove.
  • All players are encouraged to wear molded cleats for games and practices. Metal spikes or interchangeable cleats are not allowed.

Team Equipment
Every team receives a bucket of practice balls, a complete set of catcher’s gear (helmet with throat guard, chest protector, and shin guards), at least four batting helmets, an equipment bag, and a score book at the beginning of each season. Male catchers must wear a protective cup. NWLL does not provide a protective cup.

Field Equipment and Pitching Machines
Field equipment and pitching machines for the AA Division are maintained by the Fields Manager. If you have any problems with the pitching machines or maintenance equipment in the sheds, please contact the Fields Manager at

Player Equipment

All of these items are optional, and do not need to be purchased by the player. We offer these tips for players who may desire to purchase their own personal equipment.

  • Baseball Bats
  • Helmet
    • Optional faceguard
  • Cleats
    • Molded cleats only, no metal spikes
  • Eyewear
  • Mouth guard
  • Protective Cup
  • Gloves
  • Batting gloves
  • Catcher’s gear
    • Helmet with throat guard
    • Chest protector
    • Protective Cup (mandatory for male catchers)
    • Shin guards