AAA Division

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  • Age Group: Boys and Girls, League Ages 9 and 10
  • Field Size: 60-foot basepaths, Little League dimensions
  • Level of Play: Basic, Competitive, Skilled
  • Season(s): Spring, Summer All Stars, Fall
  • Typical Spring Schedule: One Saturday afternoon game and weekday game per week; one practice per week
  • Typical Fall Schedule: One Saturday afternoon game and one practice per week
  • Typical Game Locations: Friendship, Stoddert, Georgetown Visitation
  • Commissioner:
  • House Rules

Background: NWLL’s AAA Division is for 9-10 year-olds. Play is a kid pitch format, where players learn to pitch. The level of play, development of skills, and acquisition of baseball knowledge progresses quickly with each week.

Players have “tryouts” for the spring season in February and are drafted onto teams, with every effort made to distribute teams evenly and ensure that we have balanced competition. No matter how a player performs in the tryout, he/she is placed on a team. Spring 2019 Tryouts will occur on February 9th At Stoddert ES.   

Games at the AAA level rely heavily on the ability to pitch and catch. Stealing and new base-running strategies are also developed. Coaches offer patience and supportive instruction as players learn baseball skills.

Each spring team elects three players (voted by their teammates) to the All-Star game traditionally played on Memorial Day. Playoffs commence in the first two weeks in June, with the winner receiving a championship trophy.

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