Important Announcement: New Standards for Baseball Bats

UpdatedTuesday March 6, 2018 byNWLL Board.

Little League International (as well as some local travel leagues) has adopted and will enforce a significantly different bat standard than previous rules and specifications, for the Spring 2018 season and beyond. More information can be found at:


These new rules essentially mean that all non-wood bats used in previous season will no longer be legal for game play. At the start of every Northwest Little League (NWLL) game, umpires and coaches will inspect all bats, which must have the USA seal. Our league will provide each team with at least one bat that meets the new specifications for the season.


If you are interested in purchasing a new bat, please ensure that it meets the current Little League International standard. Here is a complete list of all the bats that meet the new standards:  Also note that more information will be provided about vendors that are offering discounts to NWLL families.